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Welcome to the School of Sciences at the University of Southern Queensland! From understanding the behaviour of the tiniest piece of flora and fauna all the way to observing the distant reaches of outer space, science has a role to play in understanding the world around us and solve some of our most wicked problems here on Earth. 

Do you want to become a leader in the scientific community? Or gain an in-depth understanding of the world around us and the future society through scientific advancements? Perhaps you want to develop better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases? Benefit from strong industry links across a broad selection of study fields and make your mark with USQ's Sciences degrees.

Choose from exciting degrees within Agricultural Science, Astronomy, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics, Food Science and much more. Benefit from the expertise offered by USQ’s science research centres across the fields of Crop Health, Health Research, Astrophysics, and Sustainable Agricultural Systems, where you’ll have access to industry experts and opportunities to contribute to a growing scientific community. 

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USQ offers a range of postgraduate opportunities in this area.

Should you study Biomedical Science?

Does the human body intrigue you? Are you looking for a pathway into medicine? Our Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences covers physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology and molecular biology topics to equip you for your biomedical career. You will gain skills in medical laboratory techniques, produce scientific reports for biomedical experiments and research. You can choose to study your biomedical degree online or enjoy the USQ on-campus experience.

Study Laboratory Medicine: the backbone of medicine

Have you ever wondered how blood groups are determined or what malarial parasites or leukaemia look like under the microscope? With USQ’s Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science you will graduate with job-ready skills in transfusion science, microbiology, haematology, histopathology and clinical biochemistry for a career as a medical laboratory scientist.

Medical laboratory scientists perform analyses on blood and other body fluids and tissues to provide information that is vital in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human disease. You can choose to study your degree online or enjoy the USQ on-campus experience and your Medical Laboratory degree will include 52 days of Clinical Experience where you will gain hands-on pathology professional experience.

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